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Jessica Phenom
File & Polish (45 mins) with cuticle tidy
French File & Polish (45 mins ) with cuticle tidy
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Jessica GELeration

This unique gel in a bottle, with patent-pending technology, is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel. GELeration lasts for 10-14 days without chipping, peeling, or fading and is easily removed in minutes.

GELeration Overlay
Cuticles, nail shaping plus Overlay application
GELeration Infill
Cuticles, Rebalance profile, nail shaping plus refill
GELeration Soak Off
Product Soak off, Cuticles pushed back, Quick nail reshape
GELeration Soak off & Re-apply
Product removed from nail plate before a fresh prep and application
GELeration + Fingers & Toes (£4 Save)
Cuticles, nail shaping, nail plate prep on both
GELeration Manicure
Manicure plus GELeration Gel Application (Recommend for 1st Time Clients & Every 3rd Regular Application to help maintain best Nail Health)
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Minx Foils
Minx Foil with Gel Overlay
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Bio-Sculpture Overlay 75 mins
Bio-Sculpture Soak Off & Re-apply 105 mins
Bio-Sculpture Infill - 100 mins
Cuticles, Rebalance Surface, Reshape Nail plus a Fresh Sculpted Application
Bio-Sculpture Extensions 105 mins
With a Glued Tip
Bio-Sculpture Extension with Form plus Screed Application
The Natural Nail can be extended and Sculpted
Bio-Sculpture Soak Off (with mini manicure) 30 mins
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The healthy bottle-and-brush gel system by Bio-Sculpture.

Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as an overlay onto natural nails. This flexible coating moves with the nails, protecting them whilst allowing them to grow without breaking.

This permanent colour gel is strong and flexible, with a chip-free glossy finish that lasts three weeks + Bio Sculpture is an advanced nail treatment that strengthens and conditions nails.

Evo is infused with vitamin A & E which will continue to migrate to the nail plate, even after curing for a treatment that lasts 2 weeks.

EVO is fully compatible with the Bio Sculpture Gel nail system. EVO is specifically designed for professionals and formulated to keep the natural nail healthy.

EVO GEL by Biosculpture
EVO GEL by Biosculpture soak off & Re-apply
EVO GEL by Biosculpture soak off
Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Extensions Natural/French Tip
American French Acrylic (White & Pink Acrylic)
Traditionally Footballer's Wife
Acrylic Extensions with Coloured Gel Overlay
Acrylic Extensions with Coloured Gel and Glitter
Acrylic Nail Extensions with Coloured Acrylic & Glitter Acrylic
One Colour Acrylic, One Glitter Acrylic
Tony Ly Acrylic Custom Nail Extensions /One Colour
One Colour / Different Nails
Tony Ly Acrylic Extensions Ombre
Two Tone Acrylic Colours
Tony Ly Acrylic Extensions, Custom with Colour Acrylic, Glitter & Swaroriski Crystals
Sculpted Acrylic Nails with Forms (Consultation Required- Contact Nail Tec in Advance of Booking this Service)
Most Suitable for Extremely Short Nails or Nail Bitters
Acrylic Infill from
Acrylic Soak off 60mins
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Jessica Manicure

Prescriptive Manicure (45mins)
Luxury Manicure (75 mins) with scrub, mask & massage
Jessica French File & Polish
Includes Cuticle Tidy
Jessica File & Polish
With Cuticle Tidy. Not Suitable for Individuals who require a full manicure , have poor hand condition, its been extra long from your last regular manicure
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Paraffin Wax Treatment

A great way to replenish and nourish dry hands and feet, by the softening & hydrating effect of hot melted paraffin wax. Add to any of the hand/foot treatments or on its own.

Paraffin Wax Treatment (15mins)
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Extra Treatments

A great way to replenish and nourish dry hands and feet, by the softening & hydrating effect of hot melted paraffin wax. Add to some  hand treatments, unfortunately this will not lend well to some services. Ask for Consultation in advance.

Nail Repair
£4 per nail
Nail Art / Glitter / Gems
£3 per nail
NEW Full Set Nail Art Gel Nails Nail (All Ten Digits)
Nail Art/Glitter/Gem
NEW Nail Art Gel Nails (On 4 Fingers of Choice)
Nail Art/Glitter/Gem
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Beauty Treatments