Day Spa Body Treatments

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

A natural exfoliant, and a pure treat for the whole body.This treatment, rich in mineral salts from the Dead Sea, detoxifies drains and oxygenates as well as aids circulation ridding the body of dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling smooth.This scrub is a great aid against cellulite.

Treatment Time – 30mins
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Chocolate Body Therapy

Firstly Dead Sea salts and essential oils are used as an invigorating body scrub to prepare the skin. Then 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate is melted and used to massage. Finally, the client is wrapped for maximum penetration. Teabromine found naturally in chocolate breaks down the cellulite and fatty deposits whilst the skin condition is improved through natural oxygenation.

Treatment Time – 90mins
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Tibet Full Body Massage

The Tibet treatment uses bundles of Himalayan pebbles and Dead Sea salts applied with warm, fragrant sweet almond oil. This exotic treatment is detoxifying, relaxing and revitalizing for the skin, bones and muscles.

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Bamboo Massage Treatment

A feeling of wellbeing is defused in the whole body and reaches the spirit: Bamboo treatment reduces tension, stimulates senses, reactivates circulation, restores the silhouette and smoothes the skin. Because of its draining, relaxing and calming effects its indicated for both men and women.

Treatment Time – 90 mins
Half Body Massage - 30 mins
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Shirodhara (Indian Head Massage)

“Shir” means head and “Dhara” means flow. A slow constant flow of warm oil reaches the “third eye” which is the focal point of the forhead. It acts to alleviate accumulated stress with a deep relaxation, improving perceptiveness of the senses and appeasing anxiety, stress, concentration difficulties and insomnia; its helps to improve sight, memory and circulation.

Treatment Time – 45 mins
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